Manolos Aviation
Our Airline...Manolos

Customer satisfaction is our priority

This Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed through;
  • Cost Effective Planning and Operations
  • Manolos Aviation Safety Policy
  • Enhance Safety through operating twin engine helicopters
  • Ability to sustain its operations and getting the job done effectively and efficiently.

Manolos Aviation knows the challenges and is able and willing to be a participant in nation building.

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About Manolos Aviation

The “WAY FORWARD” for Manolos Aviation in a geographically diversified country is Strategies that encompasses tenets identifiable only with Manolos Aviation;

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Absolute Safety
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Customer Satisfaction

The Ship based Operations is a cost effective strategy designed for corporate customers for a single deployment of resources to achieve its objectives in a timely and efficient manner. This will effectively reduce down time and eliminate ferry and transit flight time on the helicopters which will be most beneficial to the customer. In addition there will be gains in flight and duty times for the aircrew and the use of flight hours on the aircraft. These will reduce crew changeovers and give more economic use of flight hours on the aircraft.

The Land based Operation will not only be from company bases but our policy is to be with and where our valued customer is. Whether it will be an overnight job or a year long job, we will be with the valued customer at its operating locations. This will ensure the customer enjoys the same benefits in the Ship base Operations.

In Manolos Aviation SAFETY IS AN ATTITUDE. If the job cannot not be done safely, we just don’t do it. It is the reason to why Manolos operates BO 105 twin engine helicopters. The accident rate in PNG for single engines aircraft is currently at 4% per annum . This is mainly due to the performance of the single engine aircraft in a hot and high altitude environment like PNG. This is of great concern and Manolos decision on the type of aircraft selected for its operations is to avoid becoming a part of the annual statistics.

Manolos Aviation is able to sustain all operations that it will participate in. Proper rostering of crew will ensure fresh crewman will be available at all times for the client and there shall not be delays and breaks due to crew unavailability. Hawker Pacific will also ensure maintenance on the aircraft is done on time and without delays to time schedules and operational requirements.

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