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Manolos Aviation operates BO 105 Helicopters. The BO 105 is a light twin engine helicopter that performs very well from sea level to 12,000 feet and guarantees safety in the unlikely event of a failure of one engine.

The choice of BO 105 twin engine helicopters is a great advantage for operations in tropical climate like PNG, with unpredictable weather and unforgiving terrain. The aircraft performance is favourable for PNG conditions.









BO 105
BO 105 CBS 4

BO 105 LS A-3
BO 105 LS A-3

Aircraft Specifications

  • Propulsion ---2 turboshaft engines
  • Speed ---270km/hr / 130kts
  • Range---550km / 279nm
  • Max Take Off Weight---2400kg / 2600kg
  • Passenger /Freight --- max 850 kg
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