Manolos Aviation
Our Airline...Manolos

Manolos Aircrew

Manolos Aviation aircrew are appropriately qualified and experienced in flying in Papua New Guinea. The pilots share among them about 25, 000 hours of flying experience gained through flying in many environments including experience with different helicopter companies in PNG.

The Loadmasters are appropriately certified, not just for refueling and loading of aircraft but qualified to rig external loads of any size, proper packing and handling of freight for safe flight and handling of dangerous goods.





Maintenance and Engineering

Hawker Pacific Cairns

Hawker Pacific will be responsible for all Manolos Aviation maintenance . Hawker Pacific holds a PNG 145 Certification and is a reputable aviation maintenance company based in Australia and the region.

Maintenance will be conducted in company facilities in Tokua or in the Hevilift facilities in Port Moresby.

Operations Base

Manolos Aviation operates out of Tokua Heliport. The heliport has facilities for all maintenance and flight operations with all office The company plans to have regional operating bases in Port Moresby, Lae and Wewak in the next few years of operations. This is to cater for the demand for helicopters in the Momase and the Highlands regions due to the current mining and petroleum activities.

Operations Base
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